Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ft Worth Zoo

Ever since Scott and I met we kept saying we wanted to go to the Ft. Worth zoo. Two kids and 7 1/2 years later we finally made it there. Scott had off on Labor Day (yes, I know was a month ago) and we decided to take the WHOLE family. My grandmother, two aunts, uncle, dad and mom went and we had such a great time. McKenzie's favorite was the giraffe's. At home she carries around a big giraffe so to see them actually move was so much fun for her. Ryan loved it all. He spent the whole time running, of course, because he was so excited to see everything. My sweet aunt Del carried Kenzie around the whole time because once out of the stroller there was no way Kenzie was getting back in. We are looking forward to going again one day.

You can see Ryan running to the next thing and there is my aunt caring Kenzie

Ryan laid out the map reading to figure out where we were going.

We got to feed the birds

There is no better way to end the day at the zoo then with ICE CREAM!!! YUMMY

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Go Cubs!!!

Ryan's first game was last Wednesday and it was so fun for not only him, but the rest of the 15 people that were there cheering him on. To be completely honest I felt a little nervous before the game. I wanted to make sure I had everything together and he enjoyed himself. the video camera and real camera needed to be in each hand. During the game I kept trying to get the perfect picture as well as the perfect video. Tricky!!! He did such a great job. At one point he was pitching and ran up to get the ball after it was hit and threw it to first base. (of course he did this all with lots of coaching from everyone) It was such a good play with a lot of excitement. When it was all over he yelled out "MOM" from the field. I just knew he was ready to see the excitement on my face and a thumbs up for his great performance, but instead he said "look there is hot air balloon over there." What??? air balloon???? What about the great play you just made?? Anyway, the important thing is he had so much fun with the game and the scenery. :)

A few pictures before the game
The warm up
Keep your eye on the ball
Run Ryan Run.....
Sitting in the "dugout"
Good game, good game

Snack time after the game
After game meeting
Ryan's fans...all 15 of them. He can never say no one supported him.