Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was an interesting day as we were all up, dressed, feed and out of the house by 7:30. Ryan was excited about going because his classroom was now upstairs with all of the older kids. He felt like such a big boy and I took advantage of that as we talked about how we need to tell our teachers if we need to go to the bathroom. That only big boys upstairs go in the potty. Well, they still had to change his pull-up but hopefully it will get better. Kenzie had no clue of course. She just wanted someone to feed her and put in the paci at the right time and she was happy. Mom on the other hand was not so cheery as I dropped my 3 month old off. I really thought I would be fine, but I caught my self holding back the tears while I was at school and every chance I got I tried to peek into her room without it looking as though I was checking up on her. There were many times I wondered what I was doing there dropping off my little baby. She was in good hands though. I LOVE her teachers and there are only 4 babies in her room with 4 teachers. She got lots of love and I am thankful for that. Hopefully things will get a little easier as the year goes on. It will be nice when we settle into our routine.

Gosh, she looks so excited. :)

So Silly!!

Already to go with our big ol' bags

Ryan tried to carry it himself but it was a little to big

About to tip over.....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Blessed

I just had to write about my two sweet kids. One of my friends has hanging in her house something along the lines of "these are the children God has given me and I am blessed." I know I have butchered it but you get the idea. I love that because it is so wonderful to think that God created these children, yes for his purpose, but for Scott and I to enjoy and to raise. I wonder at times why he thinks I am capable of doing this, but I do know I am not alone in doing it. God says he will never leave you or forsake you and I believe that stands true even with raising our kids. He chose Ryan and McKenzie just for us. WOW!! He has confidence in me that I can raise these two kids as I should. It is lots of pressure, but I am so glad I have the opportunity to try.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A Fun Weekend!

This weekend was busy and so much fun. It started off on Friday night when my BFF from the 8th grade came into town with her soon-to-be fiance. I had never met him before so of course I had to give my approval before the proposal could happen...Heee We loved him and thought he and Becca were the perfect match. He got right in with both kids and acted as though he had known them forever. Ryan of course made him play baseball and Kenzie gave him approval with some spit-up...but that is how babies communicate at this age right?? It was such a fun evening and I am so happy for Becca and Chris.

That next morning my sweet friend Kristi came into town with her newborn Fischer. He is exactly to the day a month younger than Kenzie. He is so sweet and still so little. This is Kristi's first child so hopefully seeing Ryan run around the house wild and crazy as boys do (or maybe just mine) I hope it didn't worry her as to what is to come. I remember those days Ryan use to stay still for more than 5 minutes....heeee doesn't happen much now.

On Sunday my parents and family drove to Waco to watch my brother become an ordained minister. Jeff has been at Baylor going to seminary and has been working at a local church part-time with the youth. The church had a dinner for him and then the service was focused on his duties as a Reverand. The other deacons gathered around him and prayed for Jeff which was so beautiful to see. I am so proud of my brother and am excited to see what the Lord has in store for him.

Kenzie is so proud of her uncle

Jeff with some friend that came to support him

Ryan enjoying the ice cream

Attention everyone do you think my bow is cute....:)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Our 5 year anniversary

This weekend Scott and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. It is amazing to me that it has already been 5 years. We have done so much together and have experience some wonderful things in this short time. We started off on Friday celebrating our actual anniversary at the circus with Ryan. Isn't that how you celebrate when you have kids??? The next day was all ours. We dropped Ryan and McKenzie off at my parents for the night and went to enjoy our time together alone....We started off eating downtown at the Angry Dog. One of Scott's favorite places....then we checked into the W hotel and enjoyed some time by the pool. That night we went and had a WONDERFUL dinner at the 9 steak house and enjoyed sleeping in the next morning. ( well we only slept until 7:30 of course, but it was nice to just lay in bed and not have to jump up and feed any kids. ) Then we actually went and saw a movie before picking up Ryan and Kenzie. It was a wonderful weekend. I am blessed to have such a great husband. We have already created so many wonderful memories. As the years go on I fall in love with Scott again and again for different reason. When you get married you are in love with who they are as a person and how they treat you and the beliefs that you share not really knowing what lies ahead. It is a great feeling 5 years later to still be in love for those reason and so many more. I couldn't ask for a better man and father to share my life with. I am so glad I call him my husband and my kids call him father. What a true blessing he is. Thank you Scott for an amazing 5 years. I am looking forward and excited about the next 50....and more.

August 1st 2003

At Hotel W
Dinner that night
Eating our yummy dessert ( we got to make our own smores ) YUM!!!