Thursday, May 20, 2010

McKenzie is 2!!

Two years ago today God gave me the most precious baby girl I could ever imagine. I naturally loved her the moment I found out that she was conceived, but i could have never imagined how much that love could grow in just two years. Her smile makes you want to smile with her, her laugh makes you giggle too and her hugs make you never want to let go. I pray one day she will know how truly special she is!

Thank you Jesus for my blessing. Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

McKenzie's Birthday Paw-ty

On Saturday McKenzie celebrated her 2nd birthday with one of her Bff's Jack-Jack. Jack and Kenzie have been doing Little Gym together for awhile and since their b-days are only a day apart we thought it would be fun to party together. They both love dogs so with a little scooby snacks, paw berries and puppy chow we all enjoyed the celebration. Jack and Kenzie truly knew it was their day and enjoyed every last moment of it. It was so fun to see these two in their element with the people they love. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

The place settings for each kid
The birthday couple

Steph and I had fun planning the details
One of Kenzie's favorite thing to do is swing.
All of their friends singing Happy Birthday
They got to ride on birthday boat
At one point everyone was in a circle singing and Kenz and Jack were off to the side popping bubbles. It was adorable.
Jack and his big sister Olivia having fun on the air track
Daddy and Kenzie
Ryan loved celebrating his sister. Kenzie is in the background drinking her juice. I don't think she came up for air once until it was gone.

Blowing out candles

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mom's Day

Without these two precious children I would not have the joy and honor of being called "mom". I am blessed because of them and I cannot imagine my world without them.

I had a great time celebrating on Saturday with my mom, mom in law, and sister in law at a mothers day tea at their church. It was fun to be "girly" drinking tea and eating scones. Of course as you can see I brought my sonic coke with easy ice. Hey it was mothers day right?!?!

Sunday morning started off with one of my favorites...whataburger bacon, egg and cheese. YUMMY!! I promise I didn't eat all of that. I was keeping some on the plate for my kiddos. :)
My new fun watch that Ryan, Kenzie and Scott gave me. I LOVE it!!!
Thank you for a wonderful Mother's Day!!!