Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby #3 is on it's way!!!

So as I look at the date of my last blog it makes me sad that it has been so long since I have posted anything, but there is good reason for my lack of dedication. The day after Scott's 36th birthday we found out we were expecting our 3rd and final child. I was in disbelief and I honestly think I still am. The day we found out Scott called me three times at work asking me how I was feeling. He is so excited about this baby he just couldn't stand being gone that day I think.

From the day I turned 6 weeks until around 14 weeks I felt SO sick and extremely nauseous. Each morning I woke up the only thing I could think about was bed time. Smells made me sick to my stomach and nothing sounded good to eat or drink. And the third time around hasn't been as easy due to the fact I am still a mommy to two other little ones that need attention. BUT with help from lots of people I survived and I can now function. It feels good to feel good. :)

At first I just knew this was a girl because of the way I felt. I was sick with Kenzie for 9 months and not one day with Ryan. As the months go on I am starting to think it is a boy because as I start to feel better I am getting a face full of pimples. I don't have the "pregnancy" glow that everyone talks about, but the "16 year old" glow. This is the way my face looked when I was pregnant with Ryan. So basically I have no idea. In less than two weeks we will be able to find out and not wonder anymore. We both can't hardly wait!!!!!!

We told the kids when I was about 10 weeks pregnant. Several days before Ryan kept asking me if I had a baby in my belly. I didn't really say anything and kind of acted like I didn't hear him. One night as I was putting him to bed he said "mom you HAVE to have a baby in your belly because it is getting SO big." Scott and I both just laughed. On the night we finally felt comfortable telling them Kenzie didn't really give it much thought but Ryan's eyes got really big and he was so excited. He kept saying that he knew it all along. Since then Kenzie has gotten more and more excited and is starting to understand that a baby is growing in my belly. At nap time she acts like she takes the baby out of my stomach and lays it down in her bed to sleep with her. It is really cute. She likes to kiss my belly a lot and inform me that the baby is crying or that I need to be quiet because they baby is sleeping. It will be so fun to see each of them with the baby once it arrives.

I sit and just wonder what this baby will look like. What color eyes and hair. What kind of personality. What will he/she like to eat or can't stand the sight of. What will be it's favorite toy? I think about holding this baby and it all seems like a dream. It is something we talk about and prepare for but still can't believe that it is real. I have a boy and a girl already so what will another Boy/Girl Rogers look like? It is hard to imagine, but it is fun to dream about. Sometime in September many of my questions will be answered and I will be holding another wonderful creation that God has created just for Scott and I. How amazing is that?!?!?!

The Rogers family is blessed and we will be blessed once again in 5 short months. :)