Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas eve we had Scott's parents, sister, brother-in-law and their three kids spend the night so everyone could wake up and enjoy opening their gifts together. After the kids went to bed all the adults had so much fun laying out all the presents and setting up the santa gifts. It all looked like so much fun that I don't think any of us could wait until the morning just to see the kids faces. Ryan, Evan and Kenzie got a bike from Santa and the girls got an American girl doll. When Kenzie first saw the bikes she immediately turned away from hers and tried to get on her cousins bike which was more like her big-brothers. I think we may have a tom boy on our hands. Once she realized that she had a big stuffed dog sitting in hers it became her favorite. Santa also gave Ryan two super heroes and a girl super hero to Kenzie which she loved and would not put down for awhile. 

My parents joined us in the morning to see the kids open their gifts and stayed for breakfast. The rest of the family ended up staying all day playing and enjoying the time together. We ended the day with a homemade dinner that Scott's mom cooked and everyone left exhausted, but having enjoyed every moment. 

This is what I looked like the whole day. A camera in one hand and the video camera in the other.
Ryan seeing his bike.....the hair is lovely
Kenzie seeing her bike

Now trying to get on Evans
Good thing for the soft doggy
Kenzie's super hero

The girls

So much for no guns in the house......Scott and his mom got everyone a Nerf gun to play with. Kenzie was not having it...she was ready to use hers. :)
Target practice....They lined up plastic cups along the stairs
I ended up having some little surprises as well. I got a GPS since I never seem to know where I am going and a gift card to my new favorite store. Scott also wrapped up packages with little pieces of paper in them that told me where to find my gifts. The first one was in the back of the Tahoe. It is one of my favorites....a great American cookie company cookie cake. YUM Every time they have a sample out in the mall I run up like a little kid a get one. 

The next one told me to go into the laundry room freezer which is where I found a big bag of Sonic ice. I love me some sonic!!

The last one was the perfect gift for our house. We have been looking for something to go in the art niche above our fire place and he found it. It is beautiful!!
The guys trying to hang the rod iron piece

I LOVE it!!! 
Poor Scott has had to return two of his gifts already, but his birthday is in 3 weeks so I can find something that actually works right or is the right size. Heeeee

What a wonderful Christmas we all had being together. It was such a special time to see the kids just be kids and enjoy the season. I remember feeling the same way as a kid and now it is such a joy to see my kids experience the same excitement

Christmas Eve

We had a great time celebrating Christmas at my parents on Christmas Eve. We ate a yummy Turkey dinner and began to open gifts. Ryan couldn't hardly stand it seeing all the gifts and not being able to open them until after dinner. He kept going over and finding every gift that said R-Y-A-N. He knows when he sees his name and he got so excited every time he saw it. He got lots of super hero dress up clothes as well as action figures. He also got a Hulk bath Science kit that I was glad to leave over at my moms for her to experiment with. Heee My parents set up a scavenger hunt for Ryan to find his last gift which was a spiderman scooter. I don't know who liked it more Ryan or Kenzie. She kept trying to pull Ryan off of it so that she could ride it. Anything and everything Ryan does she does or thinks she can do. 

Thank you mom and dad for a great Christmas!!!

Kenzie enjoying her dinner

Kenzie kept laying on her dog and laughing. It was her new best friend.

Ryan found his scooter
Iron Man
Storm Tropper

Singing Happy Birthday
McKenzie's turn
We were all SO tired after a busy night

Monday, December 14, 2009

T-Ball Party

Ryan had his end-of- the season T-Ball party at Gatti-Town tonight. All he could think of was getting a trophy. He had seen other kids with them towards the end of the season and could hardly wait to have his. We all ate some pizza and then the coaches presented the trophies. In the first picture you can see that Ryan is over by the table anticipating the moment he will actually get his in his little hands. The coaches noticed he was overly excited so they gave him the first one. He ended the night playing some games and now the trophy is sitting on his night stand while he sleeps. He is so proud of it and we are so proud of him.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our family. The kids enjoyed playing as always and the food was yummy!!! We missed my parents who were visiting my brother in Indiana and we also missed my brother-in-law and his father who were at the Cowboy game. It ended up being a small group, but still a great day and so much to be thankful for.
Scott's mom always does the turkey every year

Look at all that food. YUM!

Kenzie enjoying her meal

After playing and running around all night the boys played a video game to end the night.

Kenzie was by papa's side all night long. She loved playing with him.