Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Playgroup

The Wacky Wednesday play group, which is now on Fridays, had their annual halloween party. It is always SO much fun each year seeing all the kids in their cute costumes.  We also bring can foods to take to the food pantry and this year the goal was 20 bags of food. I think we made it!! It is so wonderful teaching the kids each year to give back and to show them how blessed they are with what they have and how nice it is to give that to others. After laying all the food out the kids were able to load the bags to get them ready to be delivered. What a fun day we all had!
Group picture

The big kids
Getting ready to eat

Making spiders
Jack & McKenzie looking at all the yummy food
Ms. Kelly explaining to all the kids about why we give back
Loading the bags
Ready to be delivered

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Super Hero Party

Ryan's super hero party was last Saturday and we had a blast. Scott came up with the idea of making capes out of a plastic table cloth for the kids that didn't have one and super hero symbols for them to put on. They also each had silly string as their "power" to spray at each other and at Spiderman. Wonder woman and a clown was there to face paint and make animal balloons. 

Kenzie was showing us her super moves too
These are the symbols that we made
Passing out silly string

Fun games were played

Cake time

What a strong

Sweet Girl

Fun balloons

Happy Birthday sweet boy. We love you!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

4 Years!!!

It brings back such great memories as I look through all of Ryan's pictures the last years. Seeing him for the first time melted my heart and I don't know if I ever could have imagined the joy he would bring me in just 4 years. Everyday is such an adventure with my very active energetic loving son. There are moments when we are both sitting still,which doesn't happen very often, that I look at him and cannot help but smile wondering how I got so blessed to call him mine. 

Ryan, I love you more than I can ever express. The day you were born was one of my most happiest moments ever and the fact that I get to spend each day with someone that brings me such joy is something I hope I never take for granted. Even though you challenge me each day in ways I never thought I would be challenged you bring out a love inside of me that I never thought was there. I pray each day God gives us wisdom to raise you as He would and I promise that with all that is inside of me I will do my best to be the parent that God has called me to be. I love you sweet, sweet boy and I am so happy to be celebrating with you today. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super Ryan

In about a week and a half Ryan will turn 4 and have a super hero party. Every chance Ryan gets he dresses up as some kind of super hero. It is so funny to see what he gathers to put on to create this certain hero that he wants to be. He runs around the house in his home-made costume, jumps from couch to couch (yes we have tried to explain he cannot do this everywhere) and makes very interesting faces as he is doing all of this. So since he thinks he is a super hero the party will fit him well. We are looking forward to celebrating our little superhero turning 4.