Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amazing Transformation

We have lived in our house for 3 1/2 years and for about that long we have been wanting to do something with the playroom. I never minded the kids getting in there and having fun, but when it was time to clean up it all still looked out of sort. I thought I knew a little bit about how I wanted it to look, but I am a very visual person. I have to see it first then decide whether I like it or not. When you decorating it makes it very hard to not have that "eye" to see how things will eventually come together. BUT I am blessed with WONDERFUL friends who are the opposite of me and have not only the creative gene, but also have this amazing love to "organize" whatever it may be. So this task was right where they love to be.

Misty, Stephanie and I took the kids to a fun place and off we were. The girls took me to Ikea and that is my kind of place. I can see it set out and displayed and then could fall in love with it. After several hours of looking at containers, rugs, fabric, chairs and more we were ready to transform. Another several hours was spent putting all of it together. YIKES we were already tired and the hard part was just beginning. Soon after Steph had to leave and Misty and I had to do "mom" things. Once the kids were in bed we were off to clean out. This is my favorite part. I am anything but a pack rat. I love to get ride of and clean house and that is exactly what we did. Goodwill is going to love it when we come. Finally after 9 hours from start to finish of laughing, frustrations and exhaustion we were DONE and I couldn't be more happy. It is fun and inviting!! It is exactly what I wanted and didn't even know it, but I am glad the girls did. :)

Today Ryan and I were in the kitchen and he runs to the playroom and stands at the door. I asked him what he was doing and he said " I just wanted to look at my new room again. I really like it." And I do too!!! Thanks Misty and Stephanie for working so hard to get us all fixed up!!

The Builders!!
And thanks to my mom who was also there helping us put this together.



These hand prints are of the haynes and rogers kids and we will continue to fill it up as friends come play. I love that they will have a part in decorating as well.