Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where's froggy---Yummy Apple

The other night we went to check on McKenzie before we went to bed and somehow froggy jumped on her back. Good thing we went in there because poor thing would have looked all over her bed for it in the middle of the night. So funny!!!

Many night after Kenzie has eaten she sits in her bouncy on top of the table as we eat. Well, now that she is older she is seeing what we eat and wanting it. She leans as far over her bouncy to grab things off the table as she can. The other night there were a bowl of apple slices and she worked so hard to get it and was so proud of herself when she did. She LOVED it. It was so cute seeing her try and eat it. It ended up falling on the floor and tears just immediately came. She loved being a big girl and eating something other than smashed mixed veggies...


Monday, December 22, 2008

Trains, Santa and Puppets

What more could a 3 year old really want....My mom takes Ryan every year to Northpark for the morning around Christmas and who knew there was so much for a child to do. This year my dad, Kenzie and I decided to join them. First we saw the trains which were so fascinating even for me. There were displays of different building around Dallas and Ryan even spotted the McDonald's. We then went to see Santa and he actually came out of the chimney. Pretty fun for Ryan who continues to look up the fireplace and wonder how Santa comes down it. Santa told two stories to the kids and since we were number 63 in line to sit on Santa's lap we decided that the willowbend Santa that we saw a couple of weeks ago would do just fine. We ended the day with a puppet show in the middle of the mall. So fun!!!! It was a great day at Northpark.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ryan's special room

My mom and dad have a room in their house that is right off the kitchen that is Ryan's room. He has all his toys, his own couch, his table to eat at and do arts and crafts on and now it is his Christmas room. My mom has gathered many different Christmas items to put in his special room so that when he came over he would see his room was decorated for Christmas just as the rest of the house. He got to decorate his own tree just the way he wanted to and he gets to even turn on his own Christmas music. There are stuffed animals of all sorts, Christmas books and even a little band of soldiers that play a little Christmas tune. Ryan is in Christmas heaven.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Turkey Day

21 people including McKenzie were sitting around the dinner table that night enjoying ALL of the wonderful Thanksgiving food. My sister and brother in law are wonderful hosts every year. They tackle the job of having everyone come to their house for the holiday. Scott's mom, Chris and his mom are the great cooks and everyone else throws in a little side here and there. Our nieces Ashley and Kaitlyn are so helpful to the old and the young. They help set the beautiful table, get the silverware and they even enjoy feeding and holding McKenzie. Kaitlyn says the prayer every year and she does an amazing job. Evan and Ryan get SO excited to play together. They are just three months apart so there is a friend for everyone. Thank you to Chris and Wendy and to all the cooks for a wonderful happy Thanksgiving.

The Table
My brother & brother-in-law. They look so much alike

My mom, Chris' mom and My mother-in-law

Aunt Bobbie, Uncle Tom, his brother Perry and of course the cutest baby ever...

Scott & his dad

Ryan & Evan enjoying the tent

McKenzie enjoyed her Thanksgiving

Scott, Wendy, Ashley & Kaitlyn
Me and my hubby