Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I often wonder

I often wonder if I will miss hearing my children screaming at each other over a toy or stepping on a car that was left in the middle of the floor. I often wonder if I will miss doing loads after loads of laundry and folding the tinniest pink sock and the smallest superhero underwear. I often wonder if I will miss getting on my hands and knees cleaning hour after hour all of the food that was spilled onto the floor after breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and then dinner. Will I miss the crying and pouting or the hour that it takes my son to get dressed just because he won't do it the first time I ask. Will I miss cleaning up the water that Kenzie has splashed out of the tub night after night or the snotty nose that gets wiped on my clothes each day.

These very things that seem so frustrating at the time might just actually be missed. When my children are all grown up and out of the house the toys will be all picked up and gone, the mess from the bath is one that only I will make and the dinner that is spilled will be from either Scott or I. There will be no more wishing I had a quiet moment because there will be plenty of those.

Simon Cowell says on American Idol "you didn't have a moment". Well, I thank Jesus that I have a moment every second of my day. They may be frustrating moments, but they are mine and they are with two of the most precious people in my life. So when I want to read the book to Ryan a little faster at night because I am tired or I turn on a mindless show so I can do something for myself I have to remember that these are the moments I was given and to enjoy them. The kisses and hugs that I receive and the sweetest smiles that I see and the laughter that I hear are the moments that I often know I will remember and I will miss.

I am blessed to have the life that I live and the people that live in it with me. I often pray as I am walking around because frankly I don't sit down much and I find myself saying thank you, thank you, thank you over and over again. I can't tell Him enough and I often wonder if He truly knows how grateful I truly am for the moments that I have.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Bagel Shop

Once or sometimes twice a week since Ryan was a baby my parents and I have met at "the bagel shop" for breakfast. Ryan was brought in his carrier as a baby and so was McKenzie. They think this is just what we do on Wednesday mornings and we all look so forward to it. The kids would start out just getting small bites of our bagel when they were little to now splitting a whole bagel and a blueberry muffin. McKenzie fights me for my cream cheese and begs for more. Sometimes we wonder if she would even care if she had a bagel with her cream cheese as she sticks all her fingers in it and stuffs them in her mouth. Kenzie normally ends up out of the high chair and walking around the table or in poppy's arms and Ryan ends up making some kind of super hero with the leftovers and some coffee sticks and plays with Emme. 

When I was a kid I always remember going to a place called Mavrick Market on the way home from daycare/school and as the story was told I would cry to whole way there due to being exhausted from the long day. I remember going in and looking at every piece of candy thinking how hard it was just to pick one thing. I loved that place and looked forward to it each day.  Now I feel as though this is my kids Mavrick Market. It is such a fun little tradition that I hope we will enjoy a for long time.