Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Haynes Visit Allen

What a wonderful 5 days we had together as the Haynes visited. It was just like old times as every one knew where they slept and ate and played. Ryan and Lilli were SO happy to see each other they played without a peep for an hour and a half straight. Then of course the brother and sister love set in. The first night they were here Ryan woke up about 11:00 crying asking where Lilli was and if she was still here. We reassured him that she was in the house asleep and that they could play in the morning. A couple hours later he ran into Misty and Lilli's room half asleep making sure they hadn't gone anywhere. After snuggling with Misty and Lilli awhile he felt comfortable going back to his bed. He was just so excited that they were there he wanted to make sure they weren't going to sneak out. It was wild and crazy couple of days and so much fun. You think 5 days is a long time, but it is not and we are counting down the days until they return. 

It has been our tradition since Ryan and Lilli were first born to take their picture on a certain bench together at Christmas time. Now that we have two more they join right in. 
At the fountain in the mall. So cute as they look at all the "wishes" that have been thrown in.

Misty gave them each money to close their eyes and make a wish. I can almost promise you I know what Ryan's was......Can Lilli move back to Dallas??? Ok so that is mine. I want the Haynes to return forever. :(

Scott enjoyed dressing up and playing with the kids.
The trampoline is always so much fun.
We took some pictures of the crew with their yummy lollipops
Sweet Friends
After 5 days of staying up late and running around with fun we were all exhausted, but I cannot wait to do
 it again. 

Bye Haynes family. We love you and miss you already!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Sunday was my dads birthday and we celebrated at BJs for lunch. It was fun getting the family together except we missed my brother who is now living in Indiana. We all went in together and got my dad hockey tickets for the new minor league hockey team that is now playing off of Stacy road. My dad, Scott and Ryan will be sitting on the first level right in front of the glass while my mom and I sit right in back of them. We cannot wait to go and continue the celebration. 

Dad, I love you more than I can ever even begin to tell you. You are one of the greatest men I know and one of the wisest. I look to you for comfort, knowledge, advice and just the feeling at times to be daddy's little girl.  God has blessed me with a father that is one of kind. Thank you for teaching me and loving me and passing the same thing onto Ryan and Kenzie. We are blessed to know you and blessed to call you ours. Happy Birthday dad!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Night

Our night started out at a festival at our parents church. They had lots of games and some yummy food. Then we headed home so Scott could take Ryan and Kenzie trick or treating while I stayed back and handed out candy. We have lots of kids in our neighborhood and kids that come over to our neighborhood so we saw lots of cute costumes that night. Ryan even got to pass out candy and I am not sure which was his favorite getting or receiving. All in all we had a great night. 

Ryan trying to hit the balloon with the dart YIKES!!
Ryan, Evan, Ashley and Kenzie...we are missing Kaitlyn. 
At first Kenzie was a little scared of all the costumes so she stayed in Papa's arms for awhile
Ryan was so excited when he won something at the ring toss. 
Kenzie was happy to have a baby bounce house
In the bubbles
Scott took the kids on the cake walk
Kaitlyn trying to win at the cake walk
Aunt Wendy helped Ryan at bingo and he WON!! 
Kenzie trick or treating at our sweet neighbors who had a special treat just for her.
Ryan giving hand fulls of candy to his favorite people