Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve Scott's parents, sister, brother in law and the cousins come over to stay the night so that we are all here for the big day. We started out the night with Reindeer feed. The kids loved sprinkling it over the front yard.

I ordered pillowcases from MoonBeam so each kids could have something special to sleep on as they waited for Santa to come

Celebrating Christmas with three families makes a fun Christmas

The adults trying to get some coffee on this early morning
Ryan taking it all in

Kenzie finally got her baby that talked from Santa

Evan and Ryan

Scott bought Kenzie a dog. She loves it and this one doesn't make a mess. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started out with a yummy breakfast. The kids loved their holiday pancakes. That night we went over to my parents house and celebrated with them.

My aunt and my mom cooked a great Christmas Eve dinner
The kids couldn't hardly wait to open gifts

My dad got Ryan his first REAL golf clubs. He is excited to learn.

Every Saturday my dad brings donuts in a box that looks just like this so when Kenzie opened this gift the first thing she yelled was DONUTS. She was excited thinking she was about to eat a whole box of them.
My aunt Del had a few surprises as well and Ryan was right there to help her open them.

Each year my mom gets some cupcakes to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Roasting Marshmallows

On Thursday before Christmas we roasted marshmallows with my aunt Del and my parents. It was so cold but so fun to all be around the fire enjoying each other.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sea World

We finally went to Sea World this past July. Yes, it was HOT but it was all worth it because the kids had so much fun. My parents went with us and were good sports as we stood in LONG hot lines and fought the crowds but again I would do it all over again because to the kids it was something they still continue to talk about. Shamu splashed Kenzie during the show and even 4 months later she loves telling us how he splashed her as she is laughing.

The first day we toured the park and saw all the shows and the next day was spent at the water park which was a much cooler day. We are excited to go back one day but it will not be in middle of summer. :)

Ryan's Chuck E Cheese B-day party

Ryan could not wait to celebrate his 5th birthday at one of his very favorite places....Chuck E Cheese. He was counting down the day to be the birthday boy and receive all 100 tokens. He had a blast and keeps saying that he wants EVERY birthday there. We will see what happens next year.

He and his dad got to go in the ticket stand and try to get the most tickets they could

Kenzie had as much fun as Ryan and yells out CHUCK E CHEESE every time we pass the place.
Even daddy had a great time celebrating