Friday, August 29, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was an interesting day as we were all up, dressed, feed and out of the house by 7:30. Ryan was excited about going because his classroom was now upstairs with all of the older kids. He felt like such a big boy and I took advantage of that as we talked about how we need to tell our teachers if we need to go to the bathroom. That only big boys upstairs go in the potty. Well, they still had to change his pull-up but hopefully it will get better. Kenzie had no clue of course. She just wanted someone to feed her and put in the paci at the right time and she was happy. Mom on the other hand was not so cheery as I dropped my 3 month old off. I really thought I would be fine, but I caught my self holding back the tears while I was at school and every chance I got I tried to peek into her room without it looking as though I was checking up on her. There were many times I wondered what I was doing there dropping off my little baby. She was in good hands though. I LOVE her teachers and there are only 4 babies in her room with 4 teachers. She got lots of love and I am thankful for that. Hopefully things will get a little easier as the year goes on. It will be nice when we settle into our routine.

Gosh, she looks so excited. :)

So Silly!!

Already to go with our big ol' bags

Ryan tried to carry it himself but it was a little to big

About to tip over.....


4sofar said...

I feel so insensitive b/c I didn't even think about how hard it was for you to drop of Kenzie. Just in the craziness of the morning I guess it slipped my mind. Good thing she is right across the hall. That is so great. I love the pictures with the gigantic bags.

Kendi King said...

Boy, they sure do grow up fast. You guys have a beautiful family. Kenzie is so cute and Ryan is a handsome big brother. I wish that I was still up there with you and Kelly. I miss you guys and Trinity still asks about both of you and your kids.

--Love ya, LaKendria

The McAdams' Family said...

Feelings of dropping off the baby are mutual. It was so hard, but it's nice we're in the same building and can peek in on them. I've been wondering why I'm doing the same thing. Love the big bags.