Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rough Riders

Every season Scott and I and both of our parents get partial season tickets to the Frisco Rough Rider games. They are so much fun because they are small and they have wonderful entertainment for kids. There is always something going on. They do skits (which Scott was apart of last Friday), give-a-ways, and Ryan was even able to run the bases a few times. His face was priceless running around that big ol' field. After seeing how proud he looked and how confident he stood afterwards we knew his little boy dreams had come true. We enjoyed the season and are sad that it has come to an end this year. The last game was the championship and Lilli, Ryan's BFF, got to join him in cheering on the RR. Except they didn't do much cheering just a lot of running around, but they had fun and slept really good that night so all was good in our book. Can't wait until next year.


Aggie98 said...

Looks like a FUN time!! By the way, Kennedy had Kenzie's same adidas pink suit! So adorable... Hope your house is feeling better. Miss yall!