Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a great time celebrating Christmas at my parents on Christmas Eve. We ate a yummy Turkey dinner and began to open gifts. Ryan couldn't hardly stand it seeing all the gifts and not being able to open them until after dinner. He kept going over and finding every gift that said R-Y-A-N. He knows when he sees his name and he got so excited every time he saw it. He got lots of super hero dress up clothes as well as action figures. He also got a Hulk bath Science kit that I was glad to leave over at my moms for her to experiment with. Heee My parents set up a scavenger hunt for Ryan to find his last gift which was a spiderman scooter. I don't know who liked it more Ryan or Kenzie. She kept trying to pull Ryan off of it so that she could ride it. Anything and everything Ryan does she does or thinks she can do. 

Thank you mom and dad for a great Christmas!!!

Kenzie enjoying her dinner

Kenzie kept laying on her dog and laughing. It was her new best friend.

Ryan found his scooter
Iron Man
Storm Tropper

Singing Happy Birthday
McKenzie's turn
We were all SO tired after a busy night


MISTY and CO... said...

you are so on top of things!!!

merry christmas!!!