Saturday, February 14, 2009

Our Little Valentine's

Today we are continuing to celebrate our love for not only each other but for our kids as well. Sounds cheesy, but so true. We adore our kids and are still completely in love with one another. So much so that we woke up this morning going about our daily business and all of the sudden I  stopped and said "Oh Happy Valentine's Day Scott." With a shocked face and wide eyes he said " oh, to you to." So even though we forgot we at least had a card for each other which somehow we remembered to buy earlier in the week. To not let the holiday just go buy we ate off of RED paper plates for breakfast and I of course pulled out the RED napkins. Heeeee We decided to take Ryan to the ice cream shop for lunch to celebrate and then we began to ask him about Valentine's Day. I asked him what he learned about V-day in school and his response was "it is the day you give me a gift." Well, after we talked about what it was about Mimi and Papa (scott's parents) came over and helped us on the gift part. They gave McKenzie some books and a dancing/singing cat and Ryan some video's. They are so good about books on the holidays and the kids love it. 

It was a good day and each day that Ryan randomly says "Mommy, I love you" reminds me how lucky I am to be loved and to love.


MISTY and CO... said...

Mimi & Papa always pick good dancing gifts!!! I remember last years dancing rabbit and the guitar playing dog from last Valentines....