Sunday, August 30, 2009

Attention All Children

When your mommy tells you to back away from the hot pan on the stove listen to her because you could get hurt.....that also means your lips. 

As I was cooking pancakes this morning Ryan came over to see what was in the pan. I told him ,as i do everyday, that it was hot so back away and somehow someway he ended up kissing the pan. Not sure why or really how but after today I don't think he will ever do that again now that he knows his lips will burn just as much as the rest of his body.

 We took him to A-cute kids (love that place) and he has a 2nd degree burn.  They gave him some antibiotic cream that has to be applied twice a day. Since I have "the day after Christmas sale camera" from Target these pictures don't show much, but as you can see from them he is still his wild little energetic self. 

Oh and yes for all you mommies out there who were wondering if you were going to get the "mommy of the year" award this year...well don't wonder any longer because they called me today and told me I WON!!!!  :)


Chastity said...

I told Rylee about Ryan's lips and he was very concerned...mostly that Ryan won't be able to play baseball. I told Rylee that it would have to take more than that for Ryan to miss the game. Rylee was relieved. Hope he is better and hopefully he will keep his kissing to just you.

MISTY and CO... said...

oh, sweet rocket. GOTTA LOVE HIM!!!