Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Super Ryan

In about a week and a half Ryan will turn 4 and have a super hero party. Every chance Ryan gets he dresses up as some kind of super hero. It is so funny to see what he gathers to put on to create this certain hero that he wants to be. He runs around the house in his home-made costume, jumps from couch to couch (yes we have tried to explain he cannot do this everywhere) and makes very interesting faces as he is doing all of this. So since he thinks he is a super hero the party will fit him well. We are looking forward to celebrating our little superhero turning 4. 


Aggie98 said...

this is the third time I have pulled your post up because every time it CRACKS me up! Love it. Love all those costumes - he is adorable!

The McAdams' Family said...

Love the underwear on the head! Too funny;)

MISTY and CO... said...

The passion in his super little face with Lilli is hilarious. I love that super little hero of your to pieces. Just cannot believe we are embarking on year four. How did the days of being PG at the park turn into "a lifetime ago?"