Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Night

Our night started out at a festival at our parents church. They had lots of games and some yummy food. Then we headed home so Scott could take Ryan and Kenzie trick or treating while I stayed back and handed out candy. We have lots of kids in our neighborhood and kids that come over to our neighborhood so we saw lots of cute costumes that night. Ryan even got to pass out candy and I am not sure which was his favorite getting or receiving. All in all we had a great night. 

Ryan trying to hit the balloon with the dart YIKES!!
Ryan, Evan, Ashley and Kenzie...we are missing Kaitlyn. 
At first Kenzie was a little scared of all the costumes so she stayed in Papa's arms for awhile
Ryan was so excited when he won something at the ring toss. 
Kenzie was happy to have a baby bounce house
In the bubbles
Scott took the kids on the cake walk
Kaitlyn trying to win at the cake walk
Aunt Wendy helped Ryan at bingo and he WON!! 
Kenzie trick or treating at our sweet neighbors who had a special treat just for her.
Ryan giving hand fulls of candy to his favorite people