Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sea World

We finally went to Sea World this past July. Yes, it was HOT but it was all worth it because the kids had so much fun. My parents went with us and were good sports as we stood in LONG hot lines and fought the crowds but again I would do it all over again because to the kids it was something they still continue to talk about. Shamu splashed Kenzie during the show and even 4 months later she loves telling us how he splashed her as she is laughing.

The first day we toured the park and saw all the shows and the next day was spent at the water park which was a much cooler day. We are excited to go back one day but it will not be in middle of summer. :)


MISTY and CO... said...

ahhhh, the winged one even went to SEA WORLD!!!

I am glad you guys made that trip!