Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my moms birthday and there are no words that really explain how wonderful she is not only as a mom, but in every area of her life. On Monday I told her I wanted to take her to lunch to celebrate while just having McKenzie. ( Ryan was at SS Noah.) Kenzie has a horrible cold and was ready for a nap, but I was determined to take my mom out and celebrate her. Once the food got there kenzie lasted about 2 more minutes and she suggested we get it to go and we finished the rest of the meal at home. It was a disaster but my mom didn't care. All she wanted was to do what was best for Kenzie. She is an amazing grandmother. My kids ADORE her and she drops anything ( except playing bridge days. Heee) to be with them. She runs around with Ryan helping him "fight the bad guys", hides old toys around her house just because the kids get so excited to find them, buys books she thinks they will learn from and toys she thinks they will enjoy and food that she knows will be their favorite. Ever since Ryan could sit on a bike she has pushed him up this hill  in her back yard and holds on to him and the bike as she runs down the hill. Then again, she pushes him up the hill and runs down, pushes him up and runs down. This Christmas she pushed him up once again and he finally could go down the hill all buy himself without falling over. Then she turns around and plays music, sings, entertains and loves on Kenzie. She truly, truly enjoys being around them even when they are acting like crazy kids. She just smiles and looks at me as I am about to self destruct and says it is going to be ok.....they are going to turn out ok. Because to be honest there are times I truly wonder. :) 

My mom has such a gift that she doesn't even realize she has. She has an amazing, loving and unselfish spirit about her that makes people feel comfortable when she is around. When there is a task that has to be done or a mission that needs to be taken care of my mom is the first one in line to help. Whether it be shopping the world for a coat for Kenzie when they don't sell them anymore, or planting flowers in my yard, or helping me get my house ready for a party she is THERE!!! Since Scott is not home much at night she invites us over many nights to eat with them and then ALWAYS sends me with leftovers for us the next night. At times my mom and I go run errands together, but half the time we never get hers done because my kids start to melt down and she still seems to always want to go with me the next time. 

I aspire to be the mom that she was and is to me and I pray I can be half the grandmother that she is to my kids. 

Mom, I love you with all my heart and I pray that God bless you for the heart you have towards all that are around you. Thank you for being you and thank you for being apart of our lives and loving us the way you do. Happy Birthday mom!!!


MISTY and CO... said...

Happy birtday sweet emme!!!!

You know my goal is to look like you inside and out when I am a grandma. You are amazing!!!! Mari said it all perfectly.