Monday, February 8, 2010

old camera/new camera

Well we finally did it....we invested in a camera that might actually work more than two years. It seems like once the two year mark hits our cameras go bad. Our first one 4 years ago started taking blurry pictures so then we got our "day after Christmas Sale" camera two years ago. As I was taking pictures of the kids icing Scott's b-day cake it did captured the moment but all of the moments are now in red. So another bites the dust.  My favorite thing about an expensive camera is that the zoom actually works. Heee On our other cameras the more I would zoom the blurrier the picture would get.  We are excited to play with our new purchase. :)

Here is the last of the pictures with the old camera

Icing daddy's cake

The new camera

Action shot
Excuse the trash can in the back ground. I just love her little face in this picture. 


the bowlin family said...

YEAH!!!! So excited for you!! Can't wait to see all the memories you will be able to capture- up close and in focus!! :)

Kristin (kekis) said...

What camera did you get? Knowing that we're alike in our addiction of photos, I know you'll love it!

Todd got "us" a Canon t1i for Christmas & told me to figure out how to use it. So far I love it, but it'll take me a while to learn all about it!

Rogers Family said...

Kristin,I got a Nikon D3000. I would LOVE it if you could figure out how to work mine as well. I am use to the ones that you just point and shoot. This new one is a lot, but I know I will love it. I am ready to finally have good pictures!!