Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Day

This Easter we had a great time celebrating what Jesus has done for us with family and even a special friend. Ryan's friend Sam and his grandmother came over to enjoy lunch and an egg hunt. The three kids had a great time running around the yard and searching for their eggs. The boys were so great about leaving the obvious ones for Kenzie. Each year Mimi and Papa give the kids their Easter Baskets which is WONDERFUL!! Scott and I gave Ryan and Kenz just a little something that morning along with a big breakfast to start off the day right.

Kenzie loves Elmo so she was so excited to see her favorite friend at breakfast
Ryan is obsessed with Superheros and was excited to see his new spiderman lamp. Yes his hair is out of control. We did fix it before church. :)
Emme and Pop with the kids

Ohh he looks so grown up
Mimi and Papa with the kids
Kenzie digging into her basket

Ryan and Sam

Kenzie had fun jumping while all the eggs were spilling out of her basket.

Easter lunch


MISTY and CO... said...

seeing your blog post only makes me more sad tonight. i miss you guys. i miss our crazy, insane holiday seasons. i miss racing around town to hunt eggs in every crevice of north dallas. i miss drinking insane amounts of sonic drinks. i miss our crazy kids doing their crazy things.

there is no place like home. i miss the madness on monaco.....that includes the bald one, the crazy one and the little baby girl....

MISTY and CO... said...

hey, your shirt looks REALLY cute in the dining room pic...