Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Soccer Blog

So soccer was back in the spring, but for some reason I thought I had already blogged about it. Scott tried to show someone at work awhile back and it wasn't there. From then on the joke has been about when I was going to blog about soccer. Finally I remembered to write about it.

Ryan was SO excited that his daddy was one of his coaches. He had all of his friends that he loved on the team so it was the perfect combination. Ryan did great and really worked his way up to the ball almost every time. We were very proud of him and happy that Scott got to do something he has ALWAYS wanted to do. He love coaching Ryan just as much as Ryan loved having him as his coach.

One of the practices

Go Ryan
Getting ready to kick off
Kenzie helping her brother at break time


the bowlin family said...

the action pics of ryan are amazing!! you can tell that he and scott are full of joy. so glad you FINALLY blogged about soccer. hee!:)