Monday, July 28, 2008

Potty Training

Whether I was ready to do it or not it is here. It is time to potty train and I am so feared of it all. What do you do if you have both of your kids and groceries and he says that he has to go potty? What if we are in the car not near any kind of store and he says he needs to go potty? What if he rolls around the NASTY bathroom floor at the restaurant and tries to look under the stall while someone is in there? All of these questions that I had have all come true. And as they say you deal with them as they come, but not without your heart dropping just for a second while you are trying to think on your feet. So I am all about bribing Ryan to do what I need him to do. For example when I was hot and 9 months pregnant Ryan would not get back in the grocery cart after me asking in many different ways so I calmly said "If you get back in I will give you a donut." Worked like a charm....we both won as far as I am concerned. Anyway, back to bribing. So when Ryan goes to the bathroom, we will call it #1, we give him 2 M&M's. He gets so excited about them and so do I. If he goes #2 he gets four M&M's and a quarter. Scott came up with that one day because like us all he loves money. So down to the reason I am writing this whole thing is because today Ryan was writing/drawing on some paper and he looked at me and said " Mommy, this is my job. I am working so that I can make some money for when daddy goes poop. I can give him a quarter." I just couldn't help but laugh and think what a sweet, sweet boy. He wants to work hard to reward his daddy just as he gets rewarded in whatever manner that means. The things kids say.... So for the most part we are doing pretty good. Now Ryan comes out of the bathroom at restaurants and stores and has to announce really loud to EVERYONE that he went pee pee in the potty. As a mother I am proud of his accomplishment and I am sure that the people that have gone through the potty training experience understand the reason for the loud outburst of excitement, but then there are the other half of the people sitting there wishing we wouldn't be so loud. They to will soon know. Their time will come when they are dancing around the potty. I probably shouldn't be writing about this and one day Ryan will probably not think these pictures are his proudest moments, but in this moment right now I am a proud mommy and I am proud of my sweet boy.