Sunday, July 13, 2008

Time With Great Grandparents

This past week my grandparents have been in town and we have enjoyed the visit. They were able to see Ryan for the 3rd time and meet Kenzie for the first time. Ryan gave them lots of hugs which they loved and McKenzie melted their hearts by smiling at them every time they talked to her. Watching my grandparents with my kids made me think that this is what the circle of life was all about. Here we start out as this fragile newborn that is totally dependant on others, we grow into a strong independent adult and we complete the circle in a fragile state and need others to help us live day to day. I watched this weekend as my dad helped his father step off of curbs without falling and cup the top of his head with his hand as he got into the car to protect it from getting hit. I really don't know if my grandfather even realized that my dad was looking out for him just as Kenzie doesn't realize right now how we protect her not only from her brothers hugs and pulls :) but the little meaningless obstacles of everyday. Life is truly precious and a miracle that can only be explained by the God that created us.

Papa John showing Ryan the gift he brought himMcKenzie sleeping so well in Mama Gertie's arms
So Sweet
At 85 still having fun on the floor racing cars with her great-grandson
There is nothing better in the world than Mama Gertie's home-made biscuits. Ryan is a chef too.