Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fair Day!!

On Monday my parents and I took the kids to the fair and had a blast. I have never seen Ryan SO happy to ride on the rides. He got so excited and kept saying " I will ride that one, then that one, then that one" and since mommy is not made of money he settled for four rides and it was all worth the money just to see his face. When we got there it was a little rainy so we bundled up in our raincoats and trucked along. It was almost as though we had the whole place to ourselves. The rain kept people away which made it less crowded and kept the sun away which made it nice and cool. As the day went on it turned out to be a beautiful perfect day at the fair. Well almost perfect we all miss Daddy....He was at work making the money for all those rides...thank you Scott for working so hard for us. We look forward to going next year....with daddy

What the heck is this?? This is what you people come to the fair to eat? Where's my bottle?

Pettin Zoo

Can you imagine what this giraffe is thinking with all these kids

I had fun too mommy


MISTY and CO... said...

OMG! that last pic is so precious. you are lucky to have such amazing parents....amazing.