Friday, October 10, 2008

Under Constuction

As most of you know Scott is a wonderful handy man when it comes to certain things. He LOVES to build and fix things. It is a mystery to him that he enjoys to solve. When I was pregnant with Ryan he wanted to build his crib and I convinced him that we should leave that to the professionals....not that he wasn't a professional....:) So for about a year now Ryan has been obsessed with pirates and anything to do with pirates. He told the lady in Old Navy the other day that he was going to have a pirate party and have green teeth and eat dirty meat. I promise I am not serving dirty meat or any meat for that matter at his party. So it all started with our sweet friend Stephanie Martin. We were over at their house for the super bowl party and pregnant and tired I was ready to go home. So since the guys had to finish the game I plopped down on the chair thinking we still had to bathe Ryan and get him into bed and I just didn't think I had the energy. Sweet Stephanie saw this desperation in my eyes and began to read all three boys (she has two boys) a pirate book......that is where Ryan's interest in pirates began....Stephanie then bathed them all and even let us barrow some PJ's so that all this prego girl had to do when we got home is lay him in the bed....thank you Steph!!! Anyway, ever since then he has taken Scott's socks and shirts and dressed himself up to be a this is where the pirate party comes from. We have an old hammock stand and Ryan always sits on it saying it is his ship. My dad had suggested that if Scott wanted to he would help him make it a ship for his party. Scott loved the idea and took it further then we thought of course. Scott always says if he is going to do something he is going to do it right. So he got some wood and nails and began construction on the ship. My dad came over and was amazed at what he had done and was laughing saying that he was only thinking of some chicken wire and some fabric or something.....not Scott you give him a project and he runs with it. Thank you to Scott's dad and my dad for your helping hand in the constuction process. Hopefully it will be done in time for his party, but here is the beginning of the ship. The finish product will be here soon.


Angela said...

Oh how cool! You have to post pics of the finished product when Scott is done.

MISTY and CO... said...

arrrrgh! we can hardly wait to make ryan walk the plank...heee...heee!

the bowlin family said...

can't wait to see the completed ship!!! way to go scott!! just another reason you will be ryan's hero.