Monday, December 22, 2008

Trains, Santa and Puppets

What more could a 3 year old really want....My mom takes Ryan every year to Northpark for the morning around Christmas and who knew there was so much for a child to do. This year my dad, Kenzie and I decided to join them. First we saw the trains which were so fascinating even for me. There were displays of different building around Dallas and Ryan even spotted the McDonald's. We then went to see Santa and he actually came out of the chimney. Pretty fun for Ryan who continues to look up the fireplace and wonder how Santa comes down it. Santa told two stories to the kids and since we were number 63 in line to sit on Santa's lap we decided that the willowbend Santa that we saw a couple of weeks ago would do just fine. We ended the day with a puppet show in the middle of the mall. So fun!!!! It was a great day at Northpark.


MISTY and CO... said...

Kenzie is REALLY reminding me of Ryan right now....strange how sometimes I feel that way and others I don't....they REALLY sound alike, too!!