Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Where's froggy---Yummy Apple

The other night we went to check on McKenzie before we went to bed and somehow froggy jumped on her back. Good thing we went in there because poor thing would have looked all over her bed for it in the middle of the night. So funny!!!

Many night after Kenzie has eaten she sits in her bouncy on top of the table as we eat. Well, now that she is older she is seeing what we eat and wanting it. She leans as far over her bouncy to grab things off the table as she can. The other night there were a bowl of apple slices and she worked so hard to get it and was so proud of herself when she did. She LOVED it. It was so cute seeing her try and eat it. It ended up falling on the floor and tears just immediately came. She loved being a big girl and eating something other than smashed mixed veggies...



the bowlin family said...

adorable. i think she is looking more like ryan, at least in these pics. our babies are growing up so fast.