Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Emme!!!

Today is my moms 61st birthday and we have enjoyed celebrating with her all week. I took her to the T room at 4510 and then we had fun visiting as we got our nails done. It is rare that we get to talk without a child so it was really nice not being interrupted. Today we went to Red Lobster with my dad and grandmother to complete the celebration.

I could write a million words about my mother and it wouldn't begin to even touch how wonderful she is. She is not only an incredible mother but wife and grandmother. I have learned so many things from her over the years and continue to do so everyday. Emme has the sweetest heart and such a kind spirit. She is a helper in so many ways. With my children she will drop anything to come and meet their every need and she meets my needs for a break when I need it. She constantly tells me thank you for letting her visit Ryan and McKenzie or thank you for letting her babysit and I keep telling her that I am the one that needs to say thank you!!! She loves each one of us no matter what and we all know it because she literally shows us everyday. I cannot imagine living my life and going through everyday experiences without my mom. She is the one that knows everything about me and still loves me the same. What a blessing it is to have such a great mother and then in turn have her as my children's grandmother. How much better could it get??? One day Ryan and McKenzie will know how lucky they are to have her. They will know that their little lives are blessed because she is in it. The other day I was writing in Ryan's baby book and I was asking him what his favorite things are since he has turned three. He told me to write down Emme because she is one of his favorite things.
Thank you mom for all that you do and thank you for always doing it with a smile on your face. You make each one of us feel like we are the most special person in your life and really you are the special one.

We love you!!!

Today would have also been my grandparents 67th wedding anniversary. Instead of getting kisses from Papa John my grandmother got them from Ryan.


MISTY and CO... said...

your mom is beautiful!