Thursday, January 1, 2009


We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas. We always spend Christmas Eve at my parents eating dinner and opening gifts. My grandmother and brother were in town so we all had a fun time just being together. That next morning Scott's parents and my family came over to eat breakfast and watch Ryan open his gifts. It was fun seeing him so excited and he had fun helping McKenzie open her gifts. For only being 7 months old Kenzie had a great time with celebrating. Her Mimi and Aunt Wendy got her an American girl doll for the year that she was born thinking that she would love to play with it one day. Well that one day was the second it was opened. It was the funniest thing seeing her get so excited about her doll. It was nice to have everyone together and enjoy the season.

Christmas at my parents

Leaving cookies for Santa

Scott and I going out for New Years


the bowlin family said...

So much fun!! The pictures are great. So glad you had some great family time. Olivia got the same tools as Ryan. Maybe they can get together and fix something soon.