Sunday, April 26, 2009

Campout with daddy

On Saturday morning Scott and Ryan got up at 6:00 a.m. and headed out on their first campout with a few friends. They had so much fun and Ryan could not wait to tell me everything he did with daddy when they got home. The night before we kept talking about the "campout" and he couldn't quite figure out what he was about to go do, but he knew it would be fun. He kept asking me why they had to sleep in a tent.  Now I think he might want to sleep in one every night. Ryan caught two fish (which Scott didn't get a picture of), rode a 4 wheeler, made smores, built a fire, had a few races, played baseball, chased some cows and the list goes on. Ryan had a great time playing with all the kids, but there was one girl that stuck by him the whole time. Scott said they were holding hands a lot and as they sat around the fire she moved her chair over to sit next to Ryan. Ryan told Scott "Daddy, I like that girl, she is always following me around and she smiles at me." I think he was pretty smitten by her.  After a long day and night they are both exhausted, but cannot wait to do it again.
Daddy & Ryan

Ryan still doing one of his favorite things...playing with his superheros
He was hot and tired after a long day
The 4 wheeler was one of Ryan's favorite things to do
He said he was a robot
This is Ava..his sweet friend

Super fast


Christy said...

That isn't our little Ava G. from preschool is it? It looks like it could be. I'm glad they had such a fun time camping.

The Hargrove Family said...

I love this! BTW, way to go Scott, Dad of the year! Next time pictures of the fish would be nice :) Was our little Ms. Gurley the little lady who was diggin' Ryan?