Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Day

Easter was filled with lots of family, food and fun. We started out the day at Scott's parents church. The kids looked so cute dressed in the their Easter clothes. Although I thought they were adorable McKenzie was mad because she couldn't crawl in her dress and it took ALOT of convincing to get Ryan to put on plaid shorts. All the boy likes to wear is basketball shorts and a sports shirt. I begged and pleaded that he wear something new and yes mommy won, but of course not without a little bribery. After church we headed back to the house for lunch, Easter baskets and an egg hunt. The Haynes girls made it back in time from visiting family to enjoy the fun. We all had a wonderful time and are wondering what to do with ALL the candy. Ryan and Lilli had 4 egg hunts each during the week with birthday parties and school so the candy is everywhere. We are slowly trying to get ride of it without the kids noticing, but at times we find them in the playroom shoveling it in their mouths. YUCK!! I have been trying to explain to Ryan what Easter is truly about and he defiantly can tell me the story of Jesus, but not without an egg filled with something in his hand. My prayer continues to be that R & M grow up to know how wonderful our Savior is what an incredible sacrifice he made just for us. 

Papa (Scott's Dad) with his girls

Ryan & Evan having fun after church

The Haynes girls
Fun Easter baskets from Mimi and Papa
McKenzie LOVED hers and dug right in
Ashley & Kaitlyn

Counting all the eggs


the bowlin family said...

your family is so precious. kenzie and ryan look a-dorable, so it was worth the fight! :) i love all the blogging you have been doing!! having a blogging master live with you is rubbing off! ha!

The Hargrove Family said...

The dress is just as adorable as we imagined it on little Kenzie while she was in her belly. What sweet pics!