Sunday, May 10, 2009

Smallest Mother's Day gift ever!!

This morning Scott, Ryan and Kenzie surprised me with a tiny ipod. Since I began running again after 3.5 years,thanks to Misty, Scott thought this would be the perfect gift and it was. I was very surprised. It is the cutest little thing. After Scott and Ryan got me donuts for breakfast (see why I need to run) I was really motivated to go running and use it, but there was no time if we were going to make it to church. We met Scott's parents at their church and then went and had a yummy Italian lunch. It was a great mother's day and I am so lucky to have two wonderful children in my life and a husband who helps me be the best mother that I can be. Thank you Scott, Ryan and Kenzie for allowing me to be in your lives and to be loved by you. Blessed is what I am!!!! 

Also, to my mother....the greatest woman in the world. I can only pray that I am half of the person that she is. I cannot imagine going through this stage in my life without her. Even at 31 years old I still need her just as much as I did when I was young. Thank you mom for your love, your advice and just being there to support me in my adventure in being a mom. I love and thank you so much!!


The Hargrove Family said...

So fun...but now you have to run even after Misty leaves or Scott might take it back! :)

MISTY and CO... said...

precious post....precious iPod!