Wednesday, May 20, 2009

McKenzie is 1

How can this possibly be?? How can my little baby girl not be a newborn or an infant anymore? It is truly amazing that one year ago today this beautiful person came into my life. I now cannot imagine life without her. One year ago yesterday I felt very weird all day. I didn't feel like eating, which I always love to eat, and I kept feeling tightening in my stomach which Misty kept trying to convince me they were contractions and I wasn't believing her because they didn't hurt. I was suppose to be induced at 5:30 in the morning so I had gotten all my ducks in a row. The laundry was done, the bassenet was set up, Ryan was at my moms house and so I was ready. I went to bed that night feeling the tightening come more often and now they began to hurt. Scott was working late trying to get everything done before taking off for two weeks. He finally got home at midnight and was surprised I wasn't already alseep. He took his contacts out, brushed his teeth and jumped in bed saying that he better sleep quick because I may not make it until 5:30. Well, he was right...5 minutes after we said goodnight to each other I got out of bed and started walking because the pain was getting worse. I called the doctor and off we were ten minutes after Scott thought he was going to get a good night sleep. :)Kenzie and I couldn't wait to see each other so I think we were ready to get this show on the rode 5 hours early. 

 At 11:27 a.m. my sweet girl was here. As I did with Ryan I cried and cried. It is so emotional for me to meet my children for the first time.  She is just such a joy in my life. Her sweet personality is starting to really develop and it is so fun to watch her learn and discover. Since she was born she has always been very independent not wanting me to rock her or snuggle so we are working on making her have cuddle time with us. :) But then there was last night...when I sat in the rocker with her right before bed and she laid her sweet head on my chest. The room was dark and quiet and for 10 minutes I got to just love on Kenzie. I didn't want to put her in her bed because I knew it would be awhile until she would let me do this again.  She defiantly knows what she wants and tries to get it across as best as she can. She is always ready to go explore a room, a toy or get involved in what the big kids are doing. I cannot imagine my life without this precious girl and I thank God everyday for this gift he has given me. At times I just sit and stare at my kids wondering what I did to deserve them. They are my world and what a treasure I have because of them.

Last Saturday was Kenzie's party and we all had so much fun celebrating her.... 

Yummy party favors

Party Friends
My dad makes each grandkid their own flag with a logo and hangs it on his flag pole when they come over. Below is Kenzie's.

Friends Forever

Happy 1st birthday sweet baby girl!!!!


Hal and Staci said...

Oh my gosh! So precious! Love the pic of all the babies on the couch...LOVE the flag. How special...:)

The McAdams' Family said...

Precious! For some reason I am balling as I read this. Memories of us having these sweet girls and maybe that Kate is a year too! I am empathizing I guess;)
So wish we could have been at the party. I have her gift still. I'll bring it over soon!

MISTY and CO... said...

such a precious morning!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY keeenu, canny, kenzie lou....we love you and all of your funny nicknames!!