Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Friend!!

Today is Misty's 30 "something" birthday. We celebrated yesterday by taking the kids to three different places and actually getting some time to get our nails done and eat a yummy lunch. This morning we sang happy birthday to "homemade" muffins while the kids were acting a little crazzzzzyyyy. Birthday's are a lot different in your 30's with 2 or 4 kids running around. 

Misty, you are an amazing mother, wife, and friend. You bless those around you with your kindness, talents and the way you care for others.  Your heart is bigger than most and I am lucky to be able to celebrate you today. I know your hubby is not here, but we want you to know that your new roomies love you very much. Hopefully in this wild place we call home you can enjoy this special day! 


Hal and Staci said...

Mari, You are sooo sweet. You always have the kindest, sweetest things to say about people. I can truly see God's light and love shining through you. Inspiring. :)

MISTY and CO... said...

You guys are the best roommates on the planet. How many 34 year olds can say that??? I know this has been a crazy time but can also hardly believe it will come to an end before we know it.....

Thanks for being one of my greatest balcony people....well, I guess you are our balcony family :)