Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Emily

I have been trying to write this for several days now, but find that my words do not justify the sadness that has taken place.

A week ago, 4 month old Baby Emily was taken from the earth unexpectedly to be with her Jesus.  WHY will be the question that may not ever be answered, even though I find myself asking God in a million different ways.  As I pray for the family, I find myself begging God to give them peace.  I pray that they have a comfort that is unexplainable, and that they gain the strength they need from our Heavenly Father. 

Emily touched so many lives in her short time and will continue to do so as we go through our everyday life.  I pray that as we hear the name Emily, see it written on something or just simply pass a newborn baby that we will be reminded of baby Emily.  I pray we are reminded of how precious a life truly is and how easily it can be taken away.  I hope that with every moment I will now treasure my children's lives even more.  With every touch I will embrace my kids and with every smile I will remember that life is a gift that does not need to be taken lightly.

Please pray for our sweet friends,  Jennifer and Steve, as they go through this hard time.  What precious loving parents they are and will continue to be.


MISTY and CO... said...

great post. every time i sit and think about it or read something about it....i just feel so overwhelmed for jen all over again. that picture is just so sweet and priceless.....