Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

My dad or Pop, according to Ryan, is turning 62 today. I cannot even put into words how wonderful my dad is to me and my family. He is someone I look to for comfort, wisdom, encouragement, guidance and the list could go on... 

To see Pop with my children is a sweet picture because I  know he loves them just as I do.  It is also a comfort to me that he will pass on to Ryan and McKenzie the same words of wisdom that he has give me through the years.  

It takes a special man to be a "girl" daddy and my sweet dad is one of those special men.  Even at 31 I still feel like his little girl.  On those days that I don't want to be all grown up I can still curl up in his lap and just feel little again.   After a hard day of keeping it all together as a mom,  just his hug can make me fall apart.   And I always find comfort as he begins to tell me it will all be ok....and sure enough it always is ok. 

My dad is a man of little words with great meaning. 
Pop is so special and that is why we celebrate this day in his honor!
I love you, Dad!


MISTY and CO... said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP!!! We love you!!!

Mari, that post got me all teary....such beautiful words...

Bigredjeff said...

Yeah, he's ok. I guess.