Saturday, November 15, 2008

Whose Brother???

5 years ago on my wedding day we were taking pictures before the ceremony.  In one particular picture we had the WHOLE family together.  I'm talking aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents... you get the idea.  It was the BIG family picture. 

My mom was running around, as mother's do at their daughters weddings, with an intense look on her face.  You know the look that says "I want everything to be perfect for this special day! Does Mari have lipstick on for the picture?? Her face is a little shiny, she needs powder!"   If you are a woman you know what I mean by zipping around.  That is what ALL moms do when we are nervous, excited or emotional....we zip!!! 

So the big family picture was just another thing that had to be done to make this day special. Once she helped my very elderly grandparents to the front of the picture and got my aunts to stand where they needed to be we ALL stood still and smiled for the picture.  Just as the photographer was about to snap the photo my best friend/maid of honor yells out "what about your brother???" 

My mother's response was "who's brother, where, what brother." And then it dawned on us all that MY brother was not standing with us in the BIG family picture.  We had to find him and remind my mom that she had an older child which made him my brother.  To this day, Jeff, my brother, has never let my mom live that down. 

So, today I sadly say I forgot my brother once again!!  As I was writing the post for my dad's b-day I remembered that I didn't blog about my wonderful brother on his birthday.  Not that he cares, but I care.  So today this blog is about Jeffrey Jon Bailey born September 13, 1973.

Being 4 years younger than Jeff you can imagine what it was like in our household.  I was the nagging little sister that always wanted to hang out with him and his friends.  Man....he had some cute friends and I thought surly they saw me as cute with my permed hair and braces.  I would always antagonize my brother by kicking over his GIJO men that he spent hours setting was an accident... Hellooo!!! 

I would love to sneak up on Jeff and give him a little punch on the arm and then run. Wanting him to chase after me.  I would continue to do it over and over again and finally he would get fed up and come after me. I then would run screaming to my mom yelling that Jeff was going to hurt me.  And of course who would get in trouble?  Yep, my brother!  I know I was such a brat, but that is what a younger sister is supposed to be.  

So one time my brother actually caught me before I got to my mom and held me up to the moving ceiling fan and said that if I did it again he was going to put me in it.  Kicking and screaming I was scared he would really do it next time!

My brother often says that back then he loved me because he had to and now he loves me because he wants to. Now that we are all grown up and somewhat mature we do have such a special relationship. I enjoy when he comes to visit and I could not ask for a better uncle for my children. Ryan absolutely adores his uncle. Jeff can get him to do anything and eat anything. He loves bringing Ryan the LOUDEST most annoying toy he can find and I know that is pay back for everything I did growing up. Even when Ryan was little bitty and hadn't seen my brother for months he would always run in his arms the moment he saw him like no time had passed.

My brother is one of the smartest people I know. He is one of those that knows a little bit about everything. Don't even try to beat him in a trivia game because you will continually be the looser and feel like a looser. He is one of those people that always got A's in school and never brought a book home. He has a heart of gold and can make you not just laugh but fall on the floor laugh. We tell each other exactly what we think whether the other person likes it or not which between us is ok because we know we have each others best interest at heart.

I am so proud of my brother and excited about the life that he is leading for the Lord. He is in seminary at Waco and will graduate in May. It will be fun to see what God has in store for him and where he will take him.

I love you Jeff and want to wish you a very happy belated birthday. If there where a millions brothers I could choose from I would still pick you. I know sooo cheesy, but I do love you and love that you are MY brother......


MISTY and CO... said...

aaaahhhhh! king jeff rules the land! a true little monkey's uncle! happy belated birthday!