Thursday, July 30, 2009

Congratulations Jeff!!!

My brother is graduating with his master from Truett with his seminary degree. He just got a job in Indiana as a hospital chaplain. He is already doing an internship in Waco as a chaplain and really enjoys it. The high in Indiana in the winter is 31 degrees. YIKES!!! That is way too cold for me, but my brother LOVES the cold weather so he is very excited. The job starts in two weeks so he will be busy getting everything settled from Waco to Indiana. After flying into Dallas after interviewing my mom had a little surprise party waiting for him. She is so good about decorating the table with fun things and getting champagne to toast the celebration. Congratulations Jeff on your new job and new career. You are going to do great!!!

Notre Dame is in Indiana so my brother brought back the kids some shirts from the school. 


the bowlin family said...

I love how supportive y'all are in celebrating each others accomplishments!! So sweet and just as a family should be.

MISTY and CO... said...

why am i crying?? seriously?? i am so glad jeff found his calling!! CONGRATS!!

on a side note, kenzie looks so big in this post. sigh. is she filling out college entrance apps??

on another side note, poppy looks so thin. what's the secret??? must be the red car! Ha!