Monday, July 20, 2009


One morning before The Haynes left we went to my parents pool in their neighborhood. It was so much fun for all of us watching the kids swim and play and especially getting all of their energy out. Little McKenzie is our dare-devil and is not scared of anything. She wanted to rip those floaties off and go. She hated when I was holding her so thankfully there was a kid section in the pool where she could walk around. Lola is a little more cautions and enjoyed taking her Little Mermaid water can and making sure the flowers 
has enough to drink. Lilli and Ryan were little fish as always. 


Aggie98 said...

that last pic of K is my favorite picture EVER of her. LOVE IT!

the bowlin family said...

the pic of Kenzie is precious!! such a fun memories and sweet pictures of all the kids.

MISTY and CO... said...

I think the fab camera Mari used was a big help. Wink. Wink.

I am soooooo glad we had this fun day together. I already miss the old normal.