Saturday, July 4, 2009

Father's Day (just a bit late)

The Monday before Father's Day Ryan, Kenzie and I went to Target to get a few needed items. When we walked in Ryan said " mommy I want to get daddy a shirt. " I thought great that can be his father's day gift from him. So at first Ryan picked this really nice blue shirt that was plain, but classy. As we were headed out of the men's department all of the sudden Ryan started running full speed throwing the "nice and classy" blue shirt behind. He saw the ultimate perfect shirt he thought. Side note: Ryan is into superheros. He acts like a superhero, he dresses like them and carries his action figure superheros around with him everywhere. So to him seeing a baby blue shirt with a BIG "S" on it including the superman symbol was the best day of his shopping life. Well unfortunately they did not have that one in Scott's size which I knew Scott would be glad. He then found an Iron Man shirt that had Iron Man written really big across it in yellow and big red Iron Man faces all over it. Mom then decided they didn't have that in daddy's size. wink wink...So we settled on the one below. It has ALL the superheros on one shirt. PERFECT!!! 

I told Ryan we couldn't say anything to daddy because it was a surprise. So that day as he was wrapping it Scott called and Ryan took the phone went into the laundry room shut the door and of course told him with such excitement the great surprise. We ended up baking a cake (scott loves them) and cooking Scott's favorite dinner and we celebrated father's day that Monday night. 

Scott, you are an amazing dad. I could not imagine anyone else walking or running :) in this crazy adventure with me. Thank you for loving us and taking care of us and being the father I had always imagined my kids would have.  We love you so much!!


The McAdams' Family said...

Hilarious, as always;)