Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sad Goodbyes

With the car packed full of treasures and the kids tucked away in the middle of it all we said goodbye to the Haynes family. What wonderful memories we have had over the last 4 months. Ryan has already asked when they are coming home just as I knew he would. We will now establish our old/new normal again but not without a little lump in our throat and glassy eyes. They will truly be missed!!!

Misty put all of our memories at the Monaco compound around this frame. It will always be special to us. 

Ryan was helping the guys pack the car..he was wearing his new superhero gloves from Misty and his winter hat. Isn't that what you wear when you pack???
Each kid got a little gift at breakfast including a photo album of pictures through out the 4 months

Last family breakfast from Whataburger


the bowlin family said...

What a special little family you all have!! Glad the last moments together were precious. I am crying now, so I must stop!! :)

MISTY and CO... said...

Lil looks at her book every night. She loves to talk and talk about her Dallas friends. I love that you included a little pic of all those she loves! You are THE BEST!!!!!

Lola now insists that you are Maaaareeee and not Meanie. Sorry!!!