Saturday, July 4, 2009

The tears are coming...

About 4 months ago The Haynes family moved in with us as they were transitioning to Ron's new job. Their house sold faster than they thought and where else better to live but in the upstairs guest bedroom of our house. What's another two kids when you already have two. It has been an adventure of fun, confusion, stress, excitement, worry, singing, laughing, and crying. 

Misty and I taught across the hall from each other before we even had kids. We got pregnant about a month apart and out of 14 people having kids in our school we were the only ones to stay home at the time. Our friendship grew as we practically raised our kids together not knowing what the heck we were doing. We use to hold Ryan and Lilli in front of each other as infants telling them they were going to be friends whether they liked it or not and that is exactly what they became. It was precious to see their friendship form and now with our seconds it is egually exciting. Kenize and Lola LOVE each other more than I guess we ever thought they would. There was no time to even "make" them friends because we were busy with the 3.5 year olds, but every morning as Lola gets up her first word is Kenzie and when Kenzie sees Lola she squeels with excitement. How more precious could it be?

After months of establishing a "new" normal our second family only has one more week here. It is hard for me to even imagine saying good-bye to our dear friends who together we have been through more in the last 4 months then I could even begin to write. The number one question people always ask when they get one of us alone is "How is it REALLY...???" Here is how it really is...The noise level is uncontrollable, meal time is like an assembly line, bath time is a big wet mess, play time is either watching them all get along so well or breaking up the fights every 5 minutes. One second we are thinking how sweet it is that the big kids take such good care of the little ones and the next trying to peel them off of the babies as they are rolling around on the ground with them. It is truly sibling love around here. At times yes, it is very stressful and overwhelming, but it has also been 4 months of something wonderful I will never forget. In the mist of all the confusion we savored every moment. Just as much as there have been hard moments there has been 2 times as many precious memories to make up for it.

 Misty and I joke about how we are going to miss our "wife" because yes having another determined woman around here hasn't been bad. While one is cleaning the kitchen the other is bathing the kids. While one is mopping the floor the other is going grocery shopping. While one feels like a big scoop of ice cream after a hard day the other joins in just like girls do.  While one of us wants to complain about something random the other one is ready to listen.

 So even though at times both of us are ready to get back to our family of 4 I am truly going to miss my family of 8. And yes, that is exactly what they have become and will continue to be "Our Family". I love each of them so much for different reasons. 

Come next Saturday the house will be too quiet, bath and meal time will be boring and I am afraid we will all wonder what to do with ourselves. 

My heart is breaking not only for myself....(I am selfish with this one), but also for sweet Ryan who is going to ask me over and over when Lilli is coming "home" just as he does when she leaves on a trip without him. I am afraid Kenzie will walk around the house yelling for "yaya" which is what she calls Lola and Scott is such a family man that not having 4 kids and two wives greeting him at the door may put a little break in his heart. 

Haynes family you mean the world to us. I am excited for you as you begin your journey. Know that we love you and are here for you whenever you need. And of course when you come to Dallas your room/rooms will be waiting. :)

The days in the the life of Rogers and Haynes

Family Breakfast
Swimming Lessons

Bath Time
Lilli was so excited Kenzie had matching pj's

Time out at the Rogers' you think it is working??

Painting the dining room. They are ready to dig in.

Ryan & Lilli loved to do this with the inside toys as well as the out. 
Good Morning

Superhero day...Lola is their bodyguard

We love you guys!!!!


Aggie98 said...

love love love this post!!!!

Rogers Family said...

as i check this blog on YOUR computer in YOUR living logged in under YOUR account.....I am sobbing. As you unload the dishwasher with Lilli and talk about where Ryan is....i only sob harder....

we love you guys and are in denial about it all....

Rogers Family said...

p.s. you are my partner and wife in crime....what an incredible time in our lives....



the bowlin family said...

ok, thanks mari for making me start my day crying! :) i know how much i am going to miss the haynes gang and so i can only imagine how difficult it will be for all of you. what a sweet way you all have loved and supported each other during this time. i love to witness y'alls special friendship, it is honest and so filled with love. call me and we can cry together! :)

Kristin (kekis) said...

You have me tearing up too. You all have taken what could've been a difficult & miserable situation, and turned it into a wonderful time in all of your lives. I'm sure you'll miss one another like crazy, but I know that your friendship will continue on.

Amy said...

You ought to take that last picture and make it into a black-and-white greeting card. Adorable.